Classroom Resources

TFI’s curriculum guides provide teachers with detailed lesson plans and activities to help students explore financial services careers in more depth.

We have also identified a number of free classroom resources to help teachers bring a variety of related topics into the classroom. Look below for classroom resources on insurance careers, digital literacy, cybersecurity, and more.

Media Smarts - Cybersecurity

MediaSmarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy. Media Smarts provides grade 9-12 teachers with tools that focus on the importance of digital literacy, specifically cybersecurity. Classroom resources cover threat identification, issues of fraud and identity theft and the importance of engaging in safe online practices. Games such as Click if You Agree teach students the necessity of reading privacy policies and terms before clicking “I Agree” on the Internet.

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Insurance Institute of Canada - Career Connections

Career Connections, by The Insurance Institute, offers classroom resources for high school teachers with a focus on insurance-related careers. Tools such as the Career Connections test or Map Your Path help students explore the many options that insurance careers offer.

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The Smart Cybersecurity Network (SERENE-RISC) is a knowledge mobilization network created to improve the general public’s awareness of cybersecurity risks and to empower all to reduce those risks through knowledge. Serene-Risc provides informative video-based modules that define cybersecurity and educate students on recognizing online threats and reducing risk. Each module offers an overview of a selected topic followed by a quiz.

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Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)

Learn more about Focus on Information Technology (FIT), a nationally-recognized certificate program that promotes digital literacy among Canadian youth. Developed by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), alongside top educational specialists and ICT employers, FIT provides secondary school students with valuable course pathways and a 21st century learning environment that fosters ICT skills development. Teacher portal and resources to support digital literacy are available through the site.

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Bay St. Deconstructed

Bay St. Deconstructed is an in-school workshop for Grade 10 students to enhance their understanding of the financial industry. Interactive activities focus on the areas of personal and commercial banking, corporate and investment banking, sales and trading, equity research, economics, insurance, investment management (wealth and asset), and operations.

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Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement (JA) offers a variety of programs for students in grades 9-12. JA programs are designed to bring relevance, authenticity and application into everyday learning to energize students around financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship.

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Financial Literacy - Make It Count

Make It Count provides teachers with a variety of lesson plans for Grade 9 students ranging from budgeting, costs of living, setting goals and prioritizing spending habits. These lessons are designed to provide a basic understanding of financial management.

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