Financial Advisory & Investment Management

Financial Advisory and Investment Management professionals understand the financial goals of their clients and come up with the right investment strategy or financial management plan to help meet those goals. Key activities may include market analysis, managing portfolios of stocks and bonds or offering financial advice to individuals and/or organizations. Some roles may involve providing advice on high-level financial issues such as risk management, raising capital and mergers and acquisitions for organizations and governments.

In-demand roles in Financial Advisory and Investment Management generally require:

  • Ability to network, establish relationships and understand client needs
  • Ability to clearly communicate advice to clients and/or internal stakeholders
  • Expert knowledge of available products/services and regulations in the financial services industry
  • Diverse educational backgrounds in Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Finance, Risk Management, Mathematics/Statistics, Engineering, Science or Law

In-Demand Careers in Financial Advisory & Investment Management

Financial Advisor

As a Financial Advisor trusted with developing a plan that best meets their client’s long-term financial goals, this business professional should have strong people skills, a forward-thinking mindset, and a thorough understanding of global financial markets.

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Investment Banker

With a high competency level in technical financial analysis and excellent relationship management skills, Investment Bankers provide support and expertise that helps their clients raise capital for business deals.

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Portfolio Manager

As strategic thinkers with a broad knowledge of financial markets, a Portfolio Manager manages the investment portfolios of their clients, seeking to maximize their investment return.

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Research Analyst

As a Research Analyst who monitors market risks and trends that will affect their financial organization, this business professional has an inquisitive, analytical mind and can extract information of value from vast quantities of researched data.

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Specialized Investment Advisor

Specialized Investment Advisors are experienced investment advisors who apply their deep knowledge of financial markets to provide a more specialized degree of investment/financial planning advice for their organization and clients.

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