International Business Management

Program description

International Business Management is a one-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate program, completed in two four-month semesters (laptop required). Students will develop the skills to effectively investigate, analyze, manage, and direct most aspects of international trade. Students work with real businesses, helping small and medium exporters capitalize on global opportunities, as preparation for various careers in the ever-expanding global economy. Professors have relevant and practical expertise in international trade, investment, marketing, finance, and business management. Graduates will receive an Ontario College Graduate Certificate in International Business Management and, upon meeting Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) criteria on two major projects sent for external grading and transfer of credits to FITT, a Diploma in International Trade from FITT. Graduates who complete the required work experience in international business and meet other FITT criteria can subsequently apply to receive the Certified International Trade Professional designation (CITP).

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Fanshawe College

Lawrence Kinlin School of Business


One years

Credential awarded

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program contact
    Albert Knab, Program Coordinator
    Telephone: 519-452-4430 Ext. 4374
    Lawrence Kinlin School of Business: 519-452-4290

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