Advocis/Foran Life License Qualification Program – Accident & Sickness

Program description

The Core Package 1. The Study Guide consists of 5 modules, which include: Financial & Industry Overview; Accident & Sickness Insurance (Disability Insurance); Group Insurance; Underwriting, Issue and Claims; Compliance; Contracts. The study guide includes multiple-choice questions for self-testing purposes. 2. Advocis' Certification Exam - Accident & Sickness LLQP A two hour exam comprised of 45 multiple-choice questions and administered by Advocis. Students must pass this exam by achieving a grade of at least 60% prior to sitting for the provincial LLQP A&S licensing exam.

Course website

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Online self-study or instructor-led at various post-secondary institutions


60 estimated study hours

Credential awarded

Successful completion of program, 1 more module, and exams grants Accident and Sickness licence

Program contact

    Advocis Member Services 390 Queens Quay West, Ste. 209, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A2 Tel: 416 444-5251 Toll Free:1-800-563-5822 Fax: 416 444-8031 E-mail: Website:

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