Exempt Market Proficiency Course (EMP)

Program description

The Exempt Market Products Course and Exam was developed specifically for those individuals interested in working with exempt market securities. Recognized as a proficiency requirement for Exempt Market Dealers – Dealing Representatives and Chief Compliance Officers in National Instrument 31-103, this paper-based course focuses on topics such as the capital markets, the exempt market, know your client and know your product rules, ethical conduct, and common exempt securities. The objective of the material is to ensure that those operating in this market are equipped to offer advice to clients on these complex financial instruments.

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IFSE Institute


60-90 hours of suggested study time over one year enrolment period

Credential awarded

Successful exam completion enables students to register as an exempt market dealer representative

Program contact

    IFSE Institute 3660 Hurontario Street 8th floor Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C4 Tel: 1-888-865-2437 Fax: 905-803-0944 Email: ifse@ifse.ca

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