Accident And Sickness Insurance (A&S)

Program description

IFSE is an approved educational provider offering the Accident & Sickness pre-licensing exam leading to an accident and sickness insurance license. This course will introduce students to the insurance industry, explain accident and sickness insurance, the types of products available, and discuss individual and group life insurance products. Students also learn about legal and professional standards. IFSE provides superior course content, advanced interactive tools, fewer study hours, user-friendly learning and complete academic and Web support. It is everything today’s busy professional needs to learn and thrive in the financial services industry.

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IFSE Institute


Enrollment period of one year

Credential awarded

Students receive notice of successful exam completion which enables them to challenge the provincial licensing exam.

Program contact

    IFSE Institute 3660 Hurontario Street 8th floor Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C4 Tel: 1-888-865-2437 Fax: 905-803-0944 Email:

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