Computer Programmer Analyst

Program description

Today, few organizations make any major plans without thoroughly understanding the IT implications. IT professionals are a key part of decision-making business teams. George Brown College answers this need with its three-year (six-semester) Computer Programmer Analyst program. The broad education in programming and IT analysis that it offers can provide you with a stable platform for career growth in the rapidly expanding and ever-changing world of information technology.

During the first two years of the program you will develop the skills and techniques required for software application development and testing. The industry tells us they are looking for “the total package.” So the third year includes advanced technical skills in areas such as systems analysis and design techniques – and continues to develop communications, teamwork and other client service skills such as needs assessment, sales and presentation methods.

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George Brown College

School of Computer Technology


Three years (six semesters)

Credential awarded

Ontario College Advanced Diploma

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