Computer Engineering

Program description

The curriculum is designed to teach those fundamental physical and engineering sciences that form the basis of the work of computer engineers. It consists of prescribed core courses complemented by five technical elective courses, two natural sciences elective courses, and four complementary studies elective courses. The normal recommended program involves a course load (excluding seminars and work reports) of five or six courses per term. Laboratory exercises are compulsory where they form part of a course. Approval from the Department is required for departures from this recommended program. Permission to carry more than the normal load in any one term is at the discretion of the Department and is dependent on both the student's previous term average and their cumulative average. Each cohort is a blend of electrical and computer engineering students and these students share all courses in the first three academic terms.

The next three academic terms see two shared core courses, two program-specific courses, and an elective of each student's choice. The last two years see all electrical and computer engineering students merge again to take their chosen technical electives in each student's own personal areas of focus.

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University of Waterloo

Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science


Four years

Credential awarded

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc)

Program contact

    Faculty of Engineering

    University of Waterloo

    200 University Avenue West

    Waterloo , Ontario, N2L 3G1 Canada

    Telephone: 519 888 4567 ext 84761

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