Bachelor of Commerce - Finance

Program description

The program provides knowledge of both business and finance. Introductory courses in the first two years of the program such as marketing, accounting, economics and law provide a fundamental understanding of traditional business functions and their supporting processes. In years three and four you'll focus on the application of theories, methods and techniques in various aspects of finance including analysis, planning and risk management.

Humber's faculty is widely known for their industry connections and ability to bring their experience and real-world knowledge to the classroom. You'll learn from financial specialists who use applied projects and case studies to help you develop your analytical skills while learning core business concepts and financial strategies. The project-based curriculum, designed by industry advisors, provides students with opportunities to take processes from idea to execution. A senior-level business project in the last year of the program allows you to problem solve in a real-world, team-based environment. As you develop your business/financial strategies, you'll be required to assess traditional and new approaches to solving your issue, evaluate the strengths and limitations of each approach, gather and synthesize research data, and make appropriate decisions. All projects integrate material covered in class.

The curriculum consists of general business courses, which present the common body of business knowledge, specialized courses that present the core finance body of knowledge, and a strong breadth component. Overall, the program emphasizes critical thinking, analytical skills, communications and leadership.

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Humber College

The Business School


Four years (8 Semesters)

Credential awarded

Bachelor of Commerce (degree)

Program contact

    Melissa Napier-Andrews, Enrolment Services Officer

    Telephone: 416-675-6722 ext 3214


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