Economics for Management Studies

Program description

Economics examines the market forces of demand and supply; economic theory seeks to predict and explain the behavior and interaction of all agents involved in a market system. At UofT Scarborough, a solid grounding in theory is enhanced by an applications-based curriculum ideal for business professionals. Students will study how consumers and producers interact, how these interactions grow and change over time, and under what circumstances they may fail to function in an optimal fashion. Policies to remedy those failures will be investigated. The program provides an excellent background for careers in business, government, law and other professions. The BBA program allows students to supplement their Economics learning with functional Management experience. Students may choose from the following program options: • Economics for Management Studies - Specialist B.B.A., with Co-op option • Economics for Management Studies - Major and Minor B.A.

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University of Toronto

Department of Management


Four years

Credential awarded

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Program contact
    Admissions and Student Recruitment
    University of Toronto Scarborough
    1265 Military Trail, Toronto ON
    Canada M1C 1A4 
    Telephone: 1 (416) 287-7529

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