Applied Computing (Software Engineering)

Program description

The graduate program in Applied Computing is offered by the Department of Computer Science, leading to the Master of Science in Applied Computing. The program consists of courses and practicum, both of which are conducted under the supervision of a faculty member. Graduate faculty in the Department of Computer Science are interested in a wide range of subjects related to computing, including programming languages and methodology, software engineering, operating systems, compilers, distributed computation, networks, numerical analysis and scientific computing, financial computation, data structures, algorithm design and analysis, computational complexity, cryptography, combinatorics, graph theory, artificial intelligence, neural networks, knowledge representation, computational linguistics, computer vision, robotics, database systems, graphics, animation, interactive computing, and human-computer interaction.

Course website

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University of Toronto

Department of Computer Science


Four terms

Credential awarded

Master of Science in Applied Computing (MScAC)

Program contact

    Graduate Program

    Bahen Centre

    40 St. George Street, Room 4242

    Toronto, Ontario M5S 2E4

    Telephone: 416-978-8762


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