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The Business - Accounting program provides students with excellent accounting training in a shorter time frame than the three-year Accounting co-op and non co-op programs. The College has worked hard to design a two-year program that is rigorous and develops employable skills. All the quality features of Centennial’s accounting programs are present. However, you will not study certain subjects at the advanced level. If you want to continue your studies in the three-year program, the opportunity is available. This two-year accounting program concentrates on building skills in financial and managerial accounting and developing strong knowledge in accounting software. Communication and analytical skills are also emphasized, as they are essential for employment. Graduates can look forward to rewarding employment opportunities in a wide range of business sectors. All the quality features of Centennial's accounting programs are present; however if you want to continue your studies at an advanced level, the opportunity is available to study in the three-year program.

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Centennial College

School of Business


Two years (4 semesters)

Credential awarded

Ontario College Diploma

Program contact


    Telephone: 416-289-5000 ext 2280

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