Business Administration

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Trent’s Business Administration Program offers you a wider, deeper, and more thoughtful curriculum embedded in the University’s renowned social science and humanities approach and commitment to the individual student.  The Program is committed to an inclusive, multidisciplinary approach to teaching.  The student seeking to work in the nonprofit sector or public sector will be just as comfortable here as the student interested in working in a profit-seeking business.  We don’t just focus on corporations; we also study nonprofit and small business. Our Program emphasizes skill development in analysis, decision-making, communication, leadership, and teamwork, which are essential for success in any profession. You will also gain an understanding of modern, complex organizations and their relationship to society.

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Trent University

Business Administration


Four years

Credential awarded

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Program contact
    Business Administration Program
    Location: Gzowski College Building, Room 357
    Telephone: 705-748-1011 Ext. 7492

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