Information Systems Security – Computers and Networking

Program description

This program will enable you to learn to develop, evaluate and support information technology (IT) security solutions by creating cost-effective and secure computing environments that will safeguard networked computer systems. You will become skilled in formulating and organizing security policies and procedures to protect corporate information assets including legal, regulatory and governance issues. In addition, you will learn to detect various hacking and penetration attacks while exploring forensic methods designed to mine data and preserve the chain of evidence in accordance with regulation standards. The curriculum will consider information systems security as it applies to business and provide a hands-on approach to understanding a broad range of security concepts and industry best practices. Gaining the knowledge required to manage the strategic and operational aspects of information security you will focus on the following areas:

  • Identifying business assets in need of protection
  • Implementing appropriate safeguards to protect businesses
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the protection and safeguard methods used
  • Vulnerabilities and threats to businesses.

You will learn detailed, practical aspects of security such as risk analysis, vulnerability testing, writing security policies, implementing access controls and performing security audits. Emphasis will be placed on interpersonal, organizational, technical, communication and troubleshooting skills applied to enhance the effective implementation of information systems. This program incorporates a hybrid delivery model that includes both in-class and online learning to allow for added flexibility.

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Durham College

School of Business, IT and Management (BITM)


One year

Credential awarded

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program contact
    Emma Cronin
    Telephone: 905-721-2000 Ext. 4097

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