Business - Marketing (Co-op)

Program description

Business - Marketing (Co-op) is a two-year Ontario College Diploma program with a co-operative education component. This program provides students with a strong foundation to gain entry to a variety of marketing career paths. Courses cover topics such as customer analysis, segmentation, and targeting; integrated marketing communications; pricing and distribution strategies; and product and service development and management. Hands-on activities include market research studies, advertising campaigns, sales and business plans - many of these activities involving live clients from industry. Students learn to use current software programs, including presentation, spreadsheet, graphic design and publishing applications. Graduates receive full credit toward a credential with the Canadian Institute of Marketing and earn credits towards the Certified Sales Professional designation offered by the Canadian Professional Sales Association. Graduates who meet admission requirements are eligible for transfer to the Business Administration - Marketing Advanced Diploma program.

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Fanshawe College

Lawrence Kinlin School of Business


Two years

Credential awarded

Ontario College Diploma

Program contact
    Scott Hubert, Program Coordinator Telephone: 519-452-4430 Ext. 4393 Email:

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