Business Fundamentals

Program description

Business Fundamentals is a one-year Ontario College Certificate program. This program is designed to build fundamental business skills. This program is ideal for students who should be strengthening their math or other foundational skills before entering a two-year business diploma program, for mature students who are preparing to re-enter the workforce, and for international students. In the first semester, students will take courses in customer service and business communication while improving their computer and math skills. Because the second semester of Business Fundamentals is identical to the common first semester shared by all two-year diploma programs in the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, graduates may choose to transfer directly into the second semester of any business diploma program; alternatively, they may enter the workforce in various entry-level positions.

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Fanshawe College

Lawrence Kinlin School of Business


One years

Credential awarded

Ontario College Certificate

Program contact
    Lynette Carmichael, Program Coordinator
    Telephone: 519-452-4430 Ext. 2896

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