Computing and Information Systems

Program description

The Department of Computing & Information Systems offers two streams of study at both the general and honours level: Computing Systems (single-major, joint-major, and minor) and Information Systems (joint-major and minor). Under the Computing Systems stream, three specializations are also offered for the honors student: Computer Science, Software Engineering and High Performance Computing.  All streams and specializations can be taken as part of a B.Sc. or a B.A. degree, depending on your choice of other courses.  However, almost all courses in the Department of Computing & Information Systems are counted as science credits.  Therefore, you are encouraged to select courses across both streams to broaden your educational experience and perspective.

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Trent University

Computing and Information Systems


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Credential awarded

B.Sc. or a B.A

Program contact
    Department of Computing & Information Systems
    Telephone: (705) 748-1011 ext 7802

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