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Business Administration-Accounting is one of five business administration programs at Conestoga College. The other programs of relevance are the Accounting Coop, Accounting Accelerated and Financial Planning. Students in this advanced diploma program acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in an intermediate-level accounting position, along with the fundamentals necessary for advancement to managerial positions. Advanced financial accounting, managerial skills, cost-accounting systems and controls, computerized accounting and income tax knowledge are emphasized. Students learn computer skills in up-to-date labs, gaining familiarity with current versions of accounting software and other business software. All Conestoga Business Administration programs and the two-year Business program share a similar first-year curriculum, providing a solid foundation in business, and affording students the opportunity to transfer.
Graduates of the Business Administration-Accounting program work in a broad range of employment settings in all sectors of business and industry including banks and other financial institutions, government offices, public accounting firms, small business, self-employment, tax preparation firms, and financial planning firms. The Financial Planning program  prepares students for careers in the financial services sector. This sector includes banks, trust and insurance companies, brokerage houses, and mutual fund/investment firms, as well as both large and privately owned financial service businesses. Students are required to complete the CSI Global Education Inc/Mutual funds examinations.

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Conestoga College

School of Business and Hospitality


Three years

Credential awarded

Ontario College Diploma

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    Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.
    299 Doon Valley Drive
    Kitchener, Ontario N2G 4M4, Canada

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