Member, Trust Institute (MTI®): Personal Trust, Estate and Trust Management

Program description

A professional designation for Financial Services professionals with personal trust experience such as trust practitioners and financial planners that attest they have the appropriate skills to respond to their clients’ wealth management needs. The designation is obtained after completing four examinations in Trust Administration, Taxation, general industry knowledge, Investment Funds and a Case Application Exam and four years total work experience The Specialist, Trust Institute (STI™) diploma is a step toward the MTI® designation and is granted upon completion of the trust administration, taxation and general industry knowledge components of the program and two years of industry experience.

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Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)


Six self-study courses. Designation requires four years of work experience plus five 45-credit hour courses and 1 30- credit hour course.

Credential awarded

Professional certification (Member, Trust Institute)Diploma (Specialist, Trust Institute)

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