Information Technology – Networking and Information Technology Security

Program description

Planning, designing, installing, operating, managing, and securing IT infrastructure are essential skills for an IT-related career. The coursework prepares you to manage the continuing changes and challenges of the IT profession and pursue various levels of industry certification programs. Students are selected by taking into consideration a wide range of criteria including school marks, distribution of subjects taken and performance in subjects relevant to the academic program. Graduates can expect to pursue careers such as Database Security Manager, Information Security Analyst, and Network Security Engineer.

Students of this program will learn about/develop skills in the following areas:

• Algorithms and data structures

• Cryptography and network security

• Operating systems security

• E-business technologies

Course website

Related job profiles

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

Faculty of Business and Information Technology


Four years

Credential awarded

Honours Bachelor of Information Technology degree

Program contact

    Telephone: (905) 721-3190


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