Information Technology (Master’s Program)

Program description

This graduate professional program prepares individuals to work in the high-demand IT security industry. The program, also available in part-time format, adopts a project method that provides students with the experience to apply core course materials to a substantial project in the workplace during the latter part of the program. This program is one of the first of its kind in Canada and one of few specialized IT security graduate degree programs available in the world.

Applicant requirements include a four-year honours undergraduate degree (preference is given to applicants whose degree is in the field of information technology, engineering, science or related fields), minimum overall academic standing of a B (with a minimum B average in the last two full-time years of undergraduate work or equivalent), successful completion of at least one course in advanced programming and at least one course or proven work experience in operating systems, and a portfolio indicating relevant work experience and skills in information technology.

Students of this program will learn about/develop skills in the following areas:

• Law and ethics of IT security

• Secure software systems

• Cryptography and secure communications

• Operating systems security

Course website

Related job profiles

Ontario Tech University

Faculty of Business and Information Technology


One year (full-time)

Credential awarded

Master of Information Technology Security degree

Program contact

    Telephone: (905) 721-8668, ext. 2830


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