Computer Science with specialization in Information Security

Program description

This computer science program at U of T’s Mississauga campus prepares students for a career in systems management and security, with the opportunity for a Professional Experience Year (12-16 months of paid work experience). Research opportunities in state-of-the-art labs allow students to discover new applications for information technology and mathematics. These skills can be applied to many areas including: the financial industry, bio-medical industry, information security, software development, government, survey research, and teaching.

Students of this program will learn about/develop skills in the following areas:

• Cryptography and computational complexity

• Computer forensics

• Computer security

• Data structures and analysis

Course website

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University of Toronto

Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences


Four years

Credential awarded

Honours Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree

Program contact

    Telephone: (905) 828-3801


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