Cyber Security Program

Program description

This program will deepen your understanding of cybersecurity topics, strengthen your skills as an IT manager/project lead, and prepare you to earn a CISSP designation. It will also give you the opportunity to earn two distinct certificates: a Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals and a Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security. Each certificate program includes a blend of online coursework and three on-campus weekend sessions.

To be successful in this program, it’s recommended that you have a prior technical diploma, undergraduate degree, or 1-2 years of experience in an IT role. To enrol in the Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security, you must have successfully completed the Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals or hold the CISSP designation.

Students of this program will learn about/develop skills in the following areas:

• Information security risk management and governance

• Data, asset, and identity protection

• Engineering for information security

• Security assessment and testing

Course website

Related job profiles

York University

Lassonde School of Engineering/School of Continuing Studies


Five months per certificate (part-time)

Credential awarded

Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals, Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security

Program contact

    Telephone: (416) 736-5616


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