Network and System Security Analysis Program

Program description

This graduate certificate program s designed to meet the high demand for information system security analysts and related IT security professionals across multiple sectors – including consulting services, finance, and health care. Students graduating from this program will enter into a specialized information and communication technology field. They will have the capabilities to assess and evaluate security risks and threats to physical and digital infrastructure, develop and implement security contingency planning, and lead the development of policies and procedures to ensure that security risk is minimized.

Students of this program will learn about/develop skills in the following areas:

• Routing and switching network technologies

• Data governance

• Cyberspace security

• Network and computer security fundamentals

Course website

Related job profiles

George Brown College

School of Computer Technology


One year

Credential awarded

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program contact

    Telephone: (416) 415-5000, ext. 4287


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