Business Administration – Accounting

Program description

Qualified college or university graduates gain direct admission into the three-year Accounting program (2405) at an advanced level. Graduates may receive a block transfer credit for three semesters of the program, leaving only three semesters of study before graduation. Through a very concentrated program of study, graduates acquire a sound knowledge of managerial and financial accounting, taxation, accounting systems and strong skills in the use of accounting software. This Fast-track program will provide the qualified applicant full value for previous studies and eliminate the administrative activities related to individual transfer credits. This unique program is designed specifically for applicants with existing academic credentials, both foreign and domestic. If you want maximum recognition for studies already completed and a rewarding career in accounting, please give this program your consideration.

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Centennial College

School of Business


Three Semesters (Fall, Winter and Summer)

Credential awarded

Ontario Advanced College Diploma

Program contact


    Telephone: 416-289-5000 ext 2280

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